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ACEM Spring Symposium
ACEM Spring Symposium
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Prof Aunty Kerrie Doyle

Associate Dean, Indigenous Health, School of Medicine - Western Sydney University

Professional Bio

Aunty Kerrie is the inaugural professor and associate dean of Indigenous Health in the School of Medicine at Western Sydney University. She is the Chair of the Indigenous subcommittee for WHTRN, and the academic lead of the Aboriginal Health and Wellbeing clinical academic group of Maridjulu Budyari Gumal. An Aboriginal woman from Winninninni/Budjeri and Cadigal/Irish heritage, she is married to a chiefly Tuhoe kaumatua, has one son and two poodles.  She has no moko/grannies, and hope is fast fading.

Kerrie's Presentations

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Oral Presentation
28 November 2022 11:50 am
Auditorium 3 and 4
We treat everyone the same - the bane of the ED doctor

Panel Discussion
28 November 2022 12:10 pm
Auditorium 3 and 4